COVID-19 Bioengineering Resources

Bioengineering Department Status:SD COUNTY RED TIER/CAMPUS ORANGE PHASE

  • All buildings remain locked at all times and are only accessible by staff/students approved to come in and have access by key, keycode or by ID swipe (SERF only).
  • All personnel or visitors on campus must adhere to county health safety emergency mandates by social distancing and wearing face coverings while out in public or in interior rooms with multiple people in them.
  • No more that 25% of normal lab occupancy at a time or 1 person per 250 square feet of space. Rooms that are less than 250 sq. ft. are limited to 1 person. If there are any questions, please contact Douglas Gurevitch at for occupancy limits for your space.
  • Only research staff identtified in the lab's Orange Phase Ramp-up submission and approval are allowed on-site and must follow all social distancing rules.
  • No Admin staff are currently allowed to be working on-site and must remain working remotely.
  • All work spaces that will have multiple people coming in must have the lab Social Distancing and Disinfection Protocol posted on the main lab door, as well as signs showing all required PPE.
  • Only critical visitors are allowed, per the department's Vistor Rules for Red Tier (please see link for details).
  • All individuals coming in are required to fill out the COVID-19 Symptom Screening survey every day they come in and every weekdeay even if they are working remotely. All survey results must be forwarded to

Campus Resources: