2019-2020 Engelson Ph.D. Thesis Award

It is a tremendous pleasure to announce that upon the recommendation of the Thesis Awards Committee (Professor Intaglietta, Chair) the winners of the 2019-2020 Engelson Ph.D. Thesis Award in Bioengineering are:


Yiqian (Shirley) Wu Yiqian completed her Ph.D. thesis under the guidance of Professor Peter Yingxiao Wang and her thesis title is:

 "From Visualization of Molecular Events to Remote Control of T Cells" 

Yan Wu Yan completed his Ph.D. thesis under the guidance of Professor Kun Zhang and his thesis title is:  

"Studying human development via the single-cell profiling of primary human tissues and genetic perturbation of novel developmental models"


Please join us in congratulating Shrirley and Yan for this extraordinary achievement.