UC San Diego Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year Award Program Nominee: Jan Lenington

 "Jan Lenington has been at UC San Diego for 30 years.  She has served as the graduate coordinator for the Bioengineering PhD program for the last 12  years.  Jan has been instrumental for the program to become and remain among the top bioengineering programs in the US and the world.  She is exceptional in safeguarding the academic goals of the program and addressing the diverse challenges of our students and faculty.

Jan has addressed the demands of new generations of students, helping them to find avenues to adapt to the academic and research challenges of our PhD program. Jan works endless hours to nurture the wellbeing, ethos and enthusiasm of the Bioengineering Community. Bioengineering students, faculty, and staff have expressed to the Department how much they appreciate the strong support of, and their frequent interactions with, Jan Lenington. She is passionate, devoted, and works side-by-side with faculty and staff through both complex challenges and mundane tasks, often going well above and beyond her responsibilities. Jan has directly touched countless students by personally advising and facilitating their academic careers. Jan is a very strong advocate for the academic, financial, and operational of the PhD program. Her desire to promote a culture of diversity and academic excellence inspires her to work with every member of the Bioengineering community and to support their success. Her passion and dedication to foster an inclusive and welcoming community, single-handed, has increased retention, graduation rates, increase diversity, and guarantee the academic success of students and alumni. This is a demonstration of her track record of Inclusive excellence and extraordinary service to the UC San Diego Community and beyond."

Congratulations to Jan Lenington for her nomination!