Student Advising

The Bioengineering undergraduate advising office is by appointment only Mondays and Fridays, with walk-in advising Tuesdays - Thursdays. Hours are from 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon and 1:00 - 3:30 PM. Please request appointments through the Virtual Advising Center located under the "Advising and Grades" tab via TritonLink. Please give at least two days and times you are available so you may be scheduled.

***Please note: During the first two weeks of each quarter, advising hours are walk-ins only.***


Students Should Bring an Updated Flowchart to Advising Meetings

In order to increase the efficiency of the advising process, and also to encourage students to be more aware of their own progress, undergraduate students are expected to keep track of their progress toward graduation by keeping a flowchart up-to-date. In particular, the appropriate flowchart should be marked for each course completed as follows:

  • quarter and year of course completion

  • grade received in course


Group Advising Meetings for New and Continuing Students

Group advising meetings are held quarterly for new and continuing students in Bioengineering or for students considering one of the majors in Bioengineering. These meetings are designed to give an overview of the curricula and provide general advice re: the planning of lower division courses in preparation for the upper division Bioengineering curricula.  Information re: the group advising meetings is announced each quarter via flyers and email, and typically, the group advising sessions are held in the Fung Auditorium (PFBH 191).


"One-On-One" Meetings for Individual Students and Academic Advisors

Students wishing to talk to an academic advisor "one-on-one" should consult the "Contact Us" section for "Drop-in" hours or to make an appointment.