Visitor Rules for Red Tier Research

UC San Diego Dept. of Bioengineering COVID-19 Policy on Visitors in the lab

  1. Visitors are now allowed to be in the labs. However the labs and the visitors need to follow the rules below.
  2. The department and surrounding labs must be notified of all visitors. Emails should be sent to the email address. Include schedules of dates and hours.
  3. All labs are to complete the Research Lab Visitors form, which must then be scanned or a picture taken and sent to the emails shown in the form.
  4. All visitors must follow county regulations concerning access during the pandemic. This requires them to perform a symptom check and only come on site if they are free of symptoms. They are required to report their status to the PI or assigned supervisor of the lab using the downloadable PDF form. They must fill it out and scan or take a picture of it, and then send it to both the PI or assigned supervisor and to The form can be found here