Master of Engineering Degree


The purpose of the Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree is to prepare design and project engineers for careers in the medical and biological engineering industries. This program addresses both the technical and professional needs of today's engineers and is intended for students who are primarily interested in engineering design, development, manufacturing and management within an industrial or professional setting. This terminal professional degree is course-intensive and designed to be completed in one academic year of full-time study. The M.Eng. degree does not require a thesis and is designed for maximal flexibility to allow for a wide variety of professional career goals. Students who may be interested in continuing to the Ph.D. program should consider applying to the existing M.S. program and not the terminal M.Eng. degree. For more information regarding admission, coursework, and all other questions please contact the UCSD Bioengineering Student Affairs Office.

M.Eng. students participate in a M.Eng. Graduate Industrial Training Project. The individualized project serves to significantly enhance the professional development of M.Eng. students in preparation for leadership in the medical and biological engineering industries. It is the student's responsibility to secure the training position, develop a graduate level project, and complete a technical report that is satisfactory to industry official and faculty advisors. As M.Eng. student pursuits are individual, students must meet with the M.Eng. faculty advisor a minimum of one quarter prior to their desired start date to discuss their interests and possible projects. The Department of Bioengineering does not have projects lined up for M.Eng. students, but can assist once a student has declared an area of interest for a potential project. Once a student project is defined and academic credit is approved, the M.Eng. student will enroll in BENG 295, Bioengineering Design Project and Industrial Training.

At the completion of their project M.Eng. students will submit a paper which displays mastery of the principles acquired during the M.Eng. program. A presentation will be given to both the Faculty and Industry Advisor. All Intellectual Property (IP) remains the property of the Industry. For questions regarding the M.Eng. Graduate Industrial Training Project, please contact the UCSD Bioengineering Student Affairs Office.