Senior TA

Senior GSI: The duties of the Senior GSI are to coordinate training sessions, participate in the evaluation of GSIs by the CTD, make contact with both faculty and GSIs during the quarter to review the GSI, and be available to the GSIs to assist in the solution of problems that may arise. The Senior GSI is often the most useful person to contact if you have a question or a problem, and will often be able to identify the best source of information on a particular topic.

Senior GSI (2009-10 academic year): TBD

Within Bioengineering there are a number of people who you may contact with questions about being a GSI, for help with particular job related problems, or for the resolution of conflicts. The first person to contact is the instructor or your faculty advisor.

Student Affairs Office:
Elizabeth M. Soos, Director of Student Affairs (858) 822-1010

Chair of Bioengineering:
Professor Kun Zhang
(858) 822-7876, PFBH 404 & 133

Faculty Advisor:
Adjt Professor Bruce Wheeler 
(858) 534-6458,

Members of the Graduate Affairs Committee:
Assoc Professor Pedro Cabrales, Chair
(858) 534-8197 PFBH 182

Professor Andrew McCulloch, Co-Chair
(858) 534-2547 PFBH 233

For advice on who might best advise you, consult with your faculty advisor.