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Center for Teaching Development (CTD): 534-6767, 307 Center Hall

Office of Graduate Studies (OGS): 544-3555, Student Services Center, 402 UCtr.

Psychological/Counseling Services: appointments, information 534-3755, 1003 Galbraith Hall

Student Safety Awareness Program: 534-5793, Main Gym, Office #216

Instructional WWW Development Center (TritonEd) 
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The following handbooks may also be of use to you:

  • Job Opportunities for Graduate Students (OGS)

  • A Guide for Teaching Assistants (OGS)

  • A Handbook for Teaching Assistants (CTD)

  • Grading Information (Office of the Registrar)

  • UCSD Instructors Guide for Preventing and Processing Incidents of Academic

  • Dishonesty (Student Policies and Judicial Affairs)